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When life gets busy, and it always does, we can easily forget to treat ourselves. Our vaginas (or Miss-V as I like to call them) need some pampering too and there are many ways to do it! Here are some of the ways we have discovered that really helps us feel good about ourselves.

Women have different ways to feel good! Some love to get a fresh hair cut while others prefer a day at the spa and of course shopping!

Giving our Miss-V a hair cut(well maybe in different ways), a day at the spa and if you do some shopping just for her, you will make her day for sure!

In this post, we gathered a few ways to give our Miss-V a treat!

Tip #1 - Moisturize

To keep our Miss-V looking young and fresh all year round, we need to take good care of it.

To do this, we need to moisturize our skin.

When we use a lot of moisturizer on our bodies, they respond by producing more oil in turn making us look shiny and greasy! This can also lead to clogged pores which may cause acne or breakouts later on in life! So instead of going for that expensive cream that promises you clear and glowing skin; invest in an inexpensive yet effective product such as Two Lip brightening serum. The link below will take you right where you need to go:

Tip #2 - Massage

Now, we all know the benefits of massage but what about massage specially for our Miss-V?

Some call it Yoni Massage, Womb Lifting Massage or Vagina Massage. Some of the benefits are better blood circulation, reduced menstrual cramps, younger looking lips!

At Tini Healing Spa, we offer Ladies Wellness Massage which includes a full body massage and womb lifting massage.

Best part is you can have it at the comfort of your own home!

With many satisfied customers, slot is always full so best if you were to make advanced booking.

"My hubby can feel the difference after the womb lifting massage if you know what I mean." – Satisfied Customer

Tip #3 - Steaming

Why do we need to steam? Steaming is a relaxing and cleansing practice that can help your body release toxins and relax muscles. It also helps to improve circulation, detox the body and balance your hormones. The heat from the steam opens up pores in your skin allowing for deeper cleaning and absorption of nutrients into the skin. Steam opens up pores on the face too so it can help with acne, blackheads, blemishes or any other skin issues you’re having!

At Tini Healing Spa, we recommend to use our Tini Herbs for your V-steaming sessions! Made with traditional recipe, it has helped many mummies with their postnatal recovery.

After all the pampering, you and your Miss-V will definitely feel great! You both deserve it!

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