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How to use: 

1. Simply push down the centre of the Vath, then place it on your toilet bowl.
2. Fill HALF of the Vath bowl with HOT water (slightly below boiling temperature).
3. Pour & mix 1Tbsp of Tini Herbs into the water.
4. Sit on it (bottom naked) for 15-20min while covering your lap (steaming area) with any cloth/towel.

*Use VATH 2-3 times a week, then gradually make it your weekly routine. (not suitable for pregnant ladies)

Tini Herbs 125g

  • Tini Herbs:

    -Made from 100% natural ingredients

    -Treat menstrual pain and douches

    -Prevent vaginal infections. 

    -Balance hormones 


    Get these powerful healing herbs all in one:

    Turmeric: Reduces inflammation, supports a healthy pH balance, and may alleviate discomfort during menstruation.

    Manjakani: Promotes vaginal tightness, helps prevent infections, and supports overall vaginal hygiene.

    Sandalwood: Soothes irritation, nourishes the skin in the intimate area, and contributes to a comfortable, balanced environment.

    Sweet Flag: Supports vaginal health through its digestive benefits, aids in preventing infections, and helps maintain overall vitality in the intimate region.


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